Participation in activities beyond the classroom gives students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills

Extra-Curricular Activities

STEAM education extends beyond the classroom to embrace a wide range of extra curricular activities.These include sports, nature trips, arts and crafts and exploratory excursions.

As a STEAM School, we are dedicated to offering our students a wide-range of opportunities to allow each student to develop their skills and pursue their individual interests.

To facilitate this, we have both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

Extra-curricular activities include both individual pursuits and team-building activities

We believe that competitive and noncompetitive sports provide experiences, growth, and impacts beyond the classroom that allow our students to develop as members of the international community.

Art is used as a vehicle to create confidence, develop concentration and to provide an opportunity for self-expression. Children also develop collaborative skills by working on group projects. 

Teaching, Learning and Innovation at STEAM Schools places design and computational thinking, cutting-edge robotics, coding and digital influences at the core of all learning experiences.

STEAM Clubs are a powerful and enjoyable way to engage our students with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics inside and outside the school.

Our interest-based activities are provided as both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities give our students the chance to develop their skills in new and interesting fields, in addition to giving them the chance to learn through real-life experience.

Before and After-school activities play an important role in a student’s school life, as the social and emotional skills they often develop through these activities are linked to their interest in school.

These programs are not mandatory but we highly encourage students to participate in them as they are areas of learning not strictly developed in the classroom but that add value to individual competency.

At STEAM  Schools we make every effort to understand each individual child’s strengths and aptitude, to see how we can best address them.

A range of specialist clubs provide enhanced guidance and training to students, helping them enhance their skills in their particular field of interest.

Why a STEAM Education ?

We believe education is meant to be personalised. We treat your child as an individual by adapting to their personal learning preferences, strengths and areas for growth so they can achieve more than they ever imagined possible.