Students learn all aspects of the subject including exhibiting their artwork around the campuses

Art and Design

The BAS Fine Arts programme is designed to encourage visual artistic expression through a variety of media such as sketching, painting, printmaking, design and crafts, where students are encouraged to reflect their individual experiences, yielding a powerful worldview of young students today.

Regular trips to art galleries and museums both here in Sweden and further afield help to introduce students to diverse artistic cultures and provide sources of inspiration to be applied back in the classroom.

We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s Education

Why The BAS for your children ?

  • Real World Content
  • Staff-Created Curriculum
  • Students reflect on their Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Instruction
  • Student Autonomy
  • Student Reflection on their Learning
  • Teacher differentiation of Instruction based on Learning Needs
  • Teacher Facilitation on Student Interest
  • Teacher use of Assessment to inform Instruction
  • Early College Activates
  • Students use Technology
  • Students use Workplace and Life Skills
  • Students Treat Each other with TRUST and RESPECT
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Student Induction Process
  • Parental engagement
  • BAS establishes and maintains its community presence
  • Students participate in Service Learning
  • Staff Spread practices

Art and Design

The creative arts are encouraged from Foundation level and progress right up to A Level if desired. A whole range of mediums is explored including fine art, ceramics, and photography plus much more.