We encourage our atudents to participate in sport, exhibit good sportsmanship, and work toward achieving their athletic potential

Sport and Wellbeing

A child’s physical development is very important and our specialist PE staff work with students throughout the school, to ensure they have adequate opportunities to be active and develop skills including coordination, balance, control, team working and leadership.

The Physical Education (PE) Departments at the BAS strive to provide a variety of opportunities to a large number of students, developing skills and sportsmanship while striving for excellence and fostering talent.

We encourage all our students, whatever the age, to achieve their full potential, whilst ensuring a commitment to fair play and encouraging a philosophy of team spirit.

We believe participating in sport helps create balanced individuals, leading to a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

At every age, throughout their school experience, we expect every student to work hard, to achieve their full potential

Developing Sportsmanship & Fostering Talent

Sport and Wellbeing

The opportunity to participate in sports is a privilege and comes with the responsibility that each student maintains a high standard of behaviour as well as achieving academically to their highest potential.