Creating opportunity for students through experiential learning allowing them to gain real-world experience

School Community

Our STEAM Education is based  on strategies designed to engage students in learning at high standards, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.

A STEAM-wide initiative, a first of its kind utilizing its extensive network working with industry leaders in Sweden and beyond. We will be campaigning and creating specific partnerships that promote lifelong learning and professional development of students, equipping them with portable and transferable skills for their future.

Effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children

Family Engagement

Follow up with parents about the career plans or subject choices of their child facilitates improved communication and enables the parents and pupils to develop strategies for identifying their preferences, overcome their weakness, build on their strengths and create an awareness of career trends which would go a long way making informed career decisions.